“Lead with Equity — that’s a cool company name.”

I get this a lot. Sometimes people want to know how we came up with it. The simple answer: my gut. It came to me one evening, and I thought it was catchy. I bounced it off my partner and a…

“I want to have more work life balance.”

This theme has been coming up a lot lately with my coaching clients, and my friends. Now that many cities are opening up after a year and a half of COVID19 restrictions, people are feeling the desire — and pressure — to…

Many business leaders struggle to define and measure inclusion, equity and belonging. Without clear definitions and frameworks, it’s hard to know how your organization is doing or what changes to make.

As a coach, trainer, and consultant on how to make organizations more inclusive, I set out to find “the…

“You need to be more assertive.”

“You need to be less emotional.”

“You need to be less aggressive.”

“You need to speak up more in meetings.”

If you are a woman in the workplace, it is likely that you have had one of these claims lobbied at you by a…

It’s 11:42 AM on a Wednesday, and I’m sitting on my couch in my frayed green hoodie, my dog snoring on my lap, watching Kamala Harris — the first African American, Asian American, female Vice President of the United States — being sworn in on national television.

I feel shaky…

Diverse group of women meeting over coffee

Congrats! You’ve done it. You’ve made the important decision to get serious about your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts. Maybe your leadership team has been moved by current events; or maybe you’ve had an incident with an employee, customer, or supplier that made you realize that your organization…

Lillian Forsyth (she/her)

Lillian Forsyth is a coach and workshop facilitator in the areas of communications, leadership, and diversity, equity & inclusion. www.leadwithequity.com

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